Power - Mechmason

Supply, Repair, and Maintenance of Power Generation Equipment

The importance of power supply to man cannot be overemphasized. With power having so much global importance, any disruption can have some serious implications. This is why we at Mechmason are committed to ensuring adequate availability of power supply for our clients.

Not only do we supply power generation equipment, but we also take care of repairs, maintenance, and upgrade.

We have specialist technicians always ready to attend to your needs.

Rotating Plant Repairs and Maintenance – Turbines

We work on a variety of rotating plant units used in power generation.

We do:

  • Turbine-rotor bearing journal machining
  • Line boring turbine casings.
  • Turbine split joint faces.
  • Casing stud removal.
  • HP and LP valve machining.
  • Coupling-hole machining.
  • Steam inlet and outlet flange machining.

Hydro Machining

  • Check plate machining
  • Cover location face machining
  • Re-profiling runner
  • Coupling-hole machining
  • Shaft bearing machining
  • Guide vein pot re-boring

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